27 Mar 2014

Chiffie in the garden

I woke up early this morning and managed to photograph this singing male Chiffchaff through the open bathroom window!

With an hour or so spare before having to drive to Leeds and with a few Redpoll hanging around the feeders I put a 3m mist net up. An hour later, after the usual Blue Tits and Great Tits and a couple of Chaffinches (but no Redpoll!) I caught this beauty. It was quite easy to age this bird as a 2nd calendar year as it had 4 retained juvenile greater coverts that contrasted with the greener edged adult type it had obtained after its post juvenile moult last autumn. They're not always this clear!

Whilst playing with Photoshop I also highlighted this 2nd calendar year male Chaffinches single retained juvenile greater covert.

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