31 Oct 2013

Octobers over & relax.

What an incredible October. Capped today with Hermit Thrush but inluding Thick-billed & Cape May Warblers, Semi-palmated Sandpiper and today's reclusive religious catharus. A month of grip backs. Autumns definitely not over yet & I'm sure the next couple of months will reveal a Yankee mega wintering somewhere  - like the Yellowthroat of last year? Now where did that Ovenbird bog off to? Maybe the Scilly's White Thrush will stick around and start getting easier to see or maybe there'll be a more accessible Myrtle Warbler.

Here's a view of the wooded garden favoured by the Hermit Thrush. It favoured an elderberry tree right in the middle but was also seen on the ground and from further up the road.

No photographs of the hermit so I've posted some of Kermit instead.

Enjoying the wet weather in our garden.

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