6 Oct 2013

Another gripping day on Shetland

After the Thick-billed Warbler of the previous day there were a few thick heads amongst the group and a leisurely start was in order. Deciding to start with a very showy Arctic Warbler we set off for Voe where we spent a couple of hours in glorious sunshine watching a ridiculously tame Arctic Warbler down to less than 1 metre as it flitted around low in the willow scrub hunting insects. To say the bird was 'showing well' was an understatement. This will count as one of my best ever experiences on Shetland.


Searching the gardens around Lower Voe resulted in yet another Yellow-Browed Warbler and massive disappointment in finding the pie shop had run out of pies! 

Once again we found our plans being interrupted when an Eastern Olivaceous Warbler was found at Hoswick..... In the very garden we'd spent ages looking into when news of the Thick-billed Monster broke. Local news suggested the bird was showing very well so we headed down. Sure enough the bird excelled by being on virtually constant show despite the occasional bout of bullying from the local House Sparrows.

One of the things we've learnt over the years is to keep plugging away. The previous day we'd been at Hoswick in the pouring rain with a couple of Yellow-browed Warblers to show for our's Chris & Pod optimistically playing Siberian Blue Robin on the iPod at the very same garden the Eastern Olivaceous appeared in overnight.
As well as the Eastern 'Ollie' the same garden hosted a fresh- in Garden Warbler feasting on the rose hips.
With an excellent night organised by the Shetland Bird Club and a few beers in town with some of Shetlands finest it was another good day.

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