4 Oct 2013

Get in the f###ing car.NOW

Day three on Shetland. The weathers not been kind to us being out in gale force winds & driving rain. BUT it's been SE and expectations have been high. Day one and we saw a cracking Pechora Pipit at Levenwick. A lifer for two of the lads.

Day two saw us in shit conditions standing on Charlie's garden at Mid Yell watching a cracking Eastern Subalpine Warbler in Charlie's amazing garden. Hours of searching failed to add the Hudsonian Whimbrel to the trip list so, soaked to the skin, we returned to our temporary home.

Day three. It's pissing cats and proverbial dogs. A quick check outside and a discussion with the lads and we sack it until the forecast improvement larger in the day. 8 Yellow-Browed Warblers later and my phone goes. It's Jase Atkinson 'Have you heard the news yet' 
'What news'
'Thick-billed Warbler, Geosetter'
Fuckkkkkkkkkkkk - that's 10 minutes away.
Running to the car, with an apparent maniacal grin on my face, I just yelled to the lads ' get in f####ing  car please' or words to that effect.
We were there in 5 minutes.
The rest is history....

One of the biggest twitches in Shetland's history. 92 people on the first day.