8 Oct 2012

Shetland - the penultimate day.

Still no flights to Fair Isle and we met a couple of birders today who'd booked into the Obs last Saturday and still haven't managed to get across. Today's flights were cancelled and they're now getting across tomorrow (weather permitting). With a Lanceolated Warbler still present for its 12th day (it has no tail!) its been tantalisingly close.

The weather today was still windy and showery wit ha strong north westerly. Deciding to head north and work our way south we first visited Voe where a single Goldcrest was scant reward for our efforts. Next stop was Lunna where a Goldfinch and a possible Tree x House Sparrow hybrid grabbed our attention. It looked all the world like an Italian Sparrow. I didn't have the camera with me but Chris managed a record shot. By the time I'd run back to the car it had flown off with the House Sparrow flock.

A bit of pishing along the hedgerow had this wren shooting out to investigate but nothing else.

Moving on to Vidlin we eventually tracked down a Barred Warbler in rosa bushes along side the road whilst a thorough search of the plantation revealed a single male Blackcap and the ubiquitous Goldcrest.

Next stop was Veensgarth for the American Golden Plover. We eventually tracked it down albeit distantly in a field with about 200 Golden Plover. We walked down a track to a remote farm and knocked on the door to ask if they had any objection to us viewing from their yard. No problem and we soon picked out the bird again and managed a few reocrd shots. We may not be premiership but at least we know what we are looking at!

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