6 Oct 2012

Macro Acro

Still no flights to Fair Isle! Apparently they've not only got a plane out of action but got a new plane which is heavier than the old one and only takes 6 passengers. With high winds no planes went today. There are none tomorrow as its Sunday and all the planes are booked up Monday with the backlog of people already trying to get on / off the Island. Meanwhile the Lanceolated Warbler (minus tail) is still there (growing its tail!). Arse.

Thursday night ended with us having poor views of the Buff-bellied Pipit at Rerwick Beach so we decided to try again Friday. The day dawned bright and sunny so we got there early and spent a few hours searching the area before helping meeting up with our neighbours in the Decca ,Jono Letheridge, Matt Eades, Paul Hawkins and the rest of their crew. Matt had found a Great Reed Warbler at the top end of the Rerwick reed bed but it was proving a bastard to nail down. We got flight views only and a few poor photo's to confirm its identification. It disappeared before  a tour group saw it so I decided to start walking the iris bed at the beach end of the burn. Up it popped to the delight of the tour group for whom, for many, it was a lifer.

Deciding to give up on the pipit for awhile we set off for Geosetter where we watched a very active Yellow-browed Warbler before walking the large iris beds on the opposite side of the road and finding a Short-eared Owl.

After Geosetter we worked a few fields before heading to Quendale where I found a typically elusive Barred Warbler in a nettle bed. With the Buff-bellied Pipit having shown in Rerwick Bay on two consecutive nights we headed back to try again and again got poor views but spent a happy hour or two watching the local Fulmars.

Friday dawned beautifully sunny but after a clear night most of the birds had departed by 10.00 am the rain set in and despite extensive searching all we found was a Redstart and a couple of Wheatear.

Deciding we needed t0 see at least one good bird today we twitched the red-backed Shrike at Grutness picking up a cracking male and female Long-tailed Duck on the way. The Shrike was very elusive - not surprising in the gale force winds! Cutting our losses we headed back to Tesco's for the makings of a chili  (cheers Matt) and a chill out. Tomorrow is another day...

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