17 Oct 2012


All these records of flyover eastern pipits reminded me to post this photo from our recent Shetland trip. Wandering around Channerwick when a pipit flew out of a swampy area calling 'zeet, zeet' as it flew off and landed on a nearby fence. Holy shit! You don't expect a Tree pipit on Shetland in Autumn in a swamp but that's what it was!

Back to my regular routine now with a trip to Hilbre Saturday where I joined Alan Wraithnall who'd stayed overnight. Bird of the day was a Firecrest that zipped up out of the SK paddock at first light and flew south never to be seen again unlike the handful of Goldcrests that were duly ringed. Another good sighting was a Whooper Swan that flew over heading SW presumably to join the others already congregating on Shotwick fields. Joined by Steve after the tide the birds dwindled so we enjoyed the sunshine and nattered about what might turn up in the next few weeks......

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