25 Sep 2010


A real sign that autumn is on the way are the fungi shooting up all over Stanney Woods. One I look out for every year but smell more than find is the Stinkhorn which goes by the latin name of phallus impudicus for obvious reasons. The smell is a sweet sickly smell similar to rotten meat and they use this to attract flies to distribute the spores. Amazing things and the fruiting bodies develop from an underground 'egg' that can just about be seen from the photo's I took with the mobile phone this morning.
Birds are starting to move locally now and this week has seen a steady passage of Grey Wagtails over the house and the first Skylarks today. 

Whilst looking at last weeks Whiskered Tern at Inner Marsh Farm I caught up with the semi-resident Marsh Harrier again and the Hilbre Peregrine put in an appearance on Sunday.

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