2 Sep 2010

Good golly an Eastern Ollie.

Or words to that effect when Mark Payne told me the news just as I was paying the price of a small mortgage for two front tyres. Eastern Olivaceous Warbler is another of those enigma's that I conspire to miss. In the last three years I've dipped at Portland, been stuck on Shetland in gale force winds whilst ones on Foula and generally come  to the conclusion they don't exist - a bit like Lanceolated Warbler although our time will come with that one and I have dreams of picking one up in one of the heli's on Hilbre.

Plans were rapidly made and we set off for Flamborouugh. No photo's of this bird which remained resolutely hidden for the best part of two hours only betraying itself with the occasional call. I saw it briefly three times after picking it up in the binoculars and trying to get others on to it.

Quite a few people there and some of the worst aspects of twitching on display at times:

1. If a bird is feeling threatened it won't show. Instead of rushing forward and crowding it
    when it does show try moving back and giving it space.

2. Put mobile phones on silent mode - a classsic from Steve Young after one particularly
    loud ring - 'is that it singing or is that someones mobile'.

3. Someone teach Yorkshire men of a certain age what whisper means.

Not particularly satisfactory but its on my British list all the same. Nice to see some of  the newer generation of British Birders out in force - Ash Powell, Dan Pointon, Josh Jones & Joe Ray all sporting shades, bum fluff and smoking roll ups or a combination of all three.

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