8 Sep 2010

Raptor fest.

With Lapland Buntings pouring into the country and the east coast dripping with Rosefinches a sunny evening meant a walk through the stubble fields with Molly to check out the finch and bunting flocks that are building up nicely.

No rarities but star billing to a Hobby that appeared over the house chasing the local hirundines and in turn being chased by them! The second time I've seen it locally this week.

Raptors were the order of the day it seems with a local Kestrel making inroads into the finch flock feedign on the rape stubble Sparrowhawk style. It glided in at speed and grabbed a Linnet before heading off for a well earnt meal.

Even the local Buzzards were getting in on the act.

Whilst the Greenfinches watched warily from the safety of a thick Hawthorn hedge.

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