11 Jun 2010

Water fowl.

Called in at my secret pond today just in case a Great Reed or Cetti's Warbler had decided to call it temporary home. You never no......................

Nothing so exotic but a female Pochard was a nice surprise and the local Coots have raised a brood.

Slightly closer to home our local Moorhens have hatched a second brood of four chicks and the orignal brood are busily helping their parents feed their siblings. Our Robin has hatched four young in the nest by the garden gate, the Bluetits and Great Tits have all fledged as have the Goldfinches in the Laurel hedge. The feeders are now teeming with young birds. Sad news on the Blackbird front though  - I actually saw a Magpie raid the nest and steal the eggs.

Another trip to Nottingham Thursday morning was brightened considerably by a Red Kite flying over the M6 near J18 as the traffic slowed for the inevitable tailback at Sandbach. Someday soon they will surely nest in Cheshire.

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Mojo Jojo said...

Thanks for keeping us posted on the feathered front.