13 Jun 2010

A survivor.

Despite the exceptionally cold winter and the gloomy forecasts that our smaller birds would suffer I've been suprised to find both Goldcrests and Wrens still in good numbers locally. This male, having survived the cold winter, obviously feels industructible and not even a heavy rain shower was going to put him off singing. Goldcrests have  fledged young in Stanney Woods and I know if three other singing males in our area.

Unfortunately our Robins were predated by a Magpie Saturday morning - I woke up to hear  a commotion and looked out to see two Magpies on the garage roof and fearing the worst, went out to find the nest destroyed and empty. That's two Robins nests and three known Blackbirds nests a single pair of Magpies have destroyed in our garden this year.

Birding quiet at the moment and I've not been able to get out to Hilbre for a couple of weeks now. Plenty of other wildlife around though:

Chicken of the Woods.

Bee Orchid - only one flowering plant so far this year.

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