18 Jun 2010

Plastic fantastic & an anniversary.

Things are getting bad in the birding World. Hot on the news that a Black Woodpecker seen in Cumbria earlier this year comes the following gem from Birdguides:

"Further to the earlier report of Great White Egret in Suffolk, birders should note that the large egret viewable on a small pool from the Needham Market-Stowmarket train is in fact plastic."

It brings a whole new meaning to the derogratory birding term 'plastic'

The anniversary?

15th June 2009 - see here:

Theres still time for a rare tern to show on the Wirral and with a Roseate shacked up with a Common Tern at nearby Seaforth a prolonged seawatch might just bring rewards.

Most of the activity locally centres around the feeders and with a new generation of young birds now making use of them I'm having to fill them daily.

The Moorhens are managing to hang on to most of their second brood on the pond but one
 youngster was found dead during the week and looked as it had fallen prey to a local cat.

There are now five from the first brood and five from the second brood plus two adults on the pond. In the last week the adults have started getting more aggressive towards the first brood and chae them across the pond presumably trying to drive them away to find their own territories.

Only a mother could love this ugly little thing.

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