24 May 2010

Sunny weather.

Events conspired to keep me away from Hilbre this weekend and the warm weather meant most of the birding was done close to home - sometimes from the comfort of a hammock in the garden! Plenty of activity though with a warm weather influx of House Martins and Swallows into the area. The alarm calls of the hirundines and local Starlings had me looking expectantly skywards for a maruading Hobby but instead a pair of Sparrowhawks were the cause of the consternation. A hammock tick.....................

The local rape crop is flowering well and looks quite spectacular. Somewhere amongst this lot a Yellowhammer was singing over the weekend - a needle in a haystck job. A yellow bird in a sea of yellow.

The hot weather has caused many birds to stop moving by 10.00 am so its not been worth going out much after this time for the last few days )although the garden inhabitants are waking us up at 04.30 singing their heads off).

Nesting still in full swing with Greenfinches, Chaffinches and Goldfinches building nearby.


rennie said...

what did you think of the turtle dove and lapland bunting this weekend

Phil Woollen. said...

Good finds by a friend of mine and a reward for being out at dawn throughout the spring.