9 May 2010

Close to home.

After spending most of the last few weeks in Leeds it was nice to have a couple of days pottering around at home. No trip to Cornwall for a House Finch for me I'm afraid. The thought of going all that way after working 14 hour days for two weeks was to much and I gave the kind offer of a lift from Al Orton a miss. All the trees in the garden are now fully leaved and young birds are appearing everywhere. Unfortunately all the young Blackbirds got predated and a Sparrowhawk dispatched the female of the pair nesting in the back - the nest now contains four cold eggs. A brood of young Robins has appeared in the back whilst another pair are nest building in the ivy by the front door!

Suprisingly the local Moorhens have managed to keep five of their intitial brood of six - a good sized brood compared to previous years.

House Sparrows have somehow found a gap in our roof tiles and are busy feeding young.

Meanwhile a steady stream of Hilbre Obs members have been making the pilgramage south from the north Wirral to Stanney Woods to see the very showy male Lesser-spotted Woodpecker. Star bird this morning however was a Wood Warbler picked up whilst looking up at the canopy for the Lesser -spot. It wasn't singing but calling to itself and had seemingly moved on by mid afternoon.

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