28 May 2010

Like buses..............

Like buses. You wait ages for one and then suddenly three turn up together. So it is with rare birds. After spending ages in the field all spring I'm on a business trip to Vienna and bang- Bluethroat at the Lighthouse followed by a Nightingale on Hilbre and then a White-tailed Lapwing at Seaforth. I got to see the Lapwing today  but the views were crap. Not a patch on the Caelaverock bird of a couple of years back.

For an account of that momentous day see here: and scroll down to the 6th of June. Mr McKinney - sorely missed!

Its the Nightingale that really hurt though. The first on Hilbre since the 70's and a Cheshire tick as well. C'est la vie - but it's still shit!


Jason said...

And here was me looking forward to your Bluethroat pics!

Phil Woollen. said...

Bloody unbelievable! Best two birds of the spring & I'm away. Sods Law at its best. Hope the autumns better up north Jase.