17 Jun 2009

We're gonna need a bigger boat.....................

One of the main reasons for our recent S African trip was to view Great-white Sharks at close quarters. These superb predators snack on Cape Fur Seals and you have the oppurtunity to get in a cage and watch them at extremely close range. Close enough to see if they need to use dental floss. A boat trip from Simons Town to the 60,000 strong seal colony at the aptly named Seal Island starts at first light. The smell and noise close to the colony is incredible. The Sharks pick on individual seals and breach as they come in for the kill. An awesome sight but a bit gruesome as a whole seal is demolished before your eyes. The first indication a shark is around is a swirl in the water near the unfortunate seal..........................

Great White breaching.

Going for the kill.

Exit one seal.

The intrepid team of Conlin, Turner, Williams & Woollen braved the cold waters of the South Atlantic to get close up views of these Sharks as they crusied around our boat attracted by the chunk of tuna suspended from a float.
Great White approaching boat.

Meanwhile, like spectators at a rugby match, the local African Penguins, stand and cheer the Sharks as they take on the Seals. One less predator for them to worry about.

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Jason said...

Awesome trip mate and equally awesome photos.