19 Jun 2009

South Africa - Kommetjie.

After a hot drink and a change of clothes following the shark trip we set off for nearby Kommetjue approximately 20 minutes drive and on the N W side of the Cape Peninsula. Our target was Antarctic Tern and they roost here in the winter. We failed dismally but with true birding intuition Eddie & Al were caught texting the lads at the Hilbre Obs warning them they'd seen an African Royal Tern heading north..................................

Our timing was perfect. We allowed the tern enough of a head start before overtaking it flying north and timed it just right to do a full days work Monday and arrive in time to relocate it!

Despite the lack of Antarctic Terns Kommetjie was a beautiful spot to wile away a few hours before sunset and there was plenty to keep the tour photographer busy!

The commonest birds in the area were sacred Ibis along with Black Oystercatcher but small numbers of Swift Terns made the odd landfall before departing out to sea on another fishing foray.

As the tide rose a pair of more terrestrial fishermen proved very hard to approach but showed well as they fished from the rocks as the surf crashed around them.

Meanwhile the tour Bestuurder was doing what comes naturally.......................
Watched closely by a pair of Blacksmith Plover and a Cape Wagtail.

Further entertainment was provided by a Black Sparrowhawk chasing one of the local 'scrags'. Black Sparrowhawk was one of the commoner raptors we saw around the Cape area.

As dusk fell and the pub beckoned there was just time for a few sunset shots and for Al to drag Mark away from his deliberations before the tide engulfed him.

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