9 Dec 2008

Is this the future of British birding?

A concerned friend, who happens to work in airport security, has sent me this picture of one of the up & coming young UK birders. His face has been disguised to save his Mum any embarrasment but he goes by the pseudonym of Paddy O'Poynton in deference to his allegiance to Irish birding and not the good old BOU. This outfit was allegedly donned as a disguise so he would be taken for a returning Leprachaun when using his season ticket with Ryan Air to twitch the Emerald Isle and not be subjected to the castigation of his erstwhile mentors & (much) elders. To complete the disguise he continually mumbled ' you'll never recognise me now you fekkers' in an Irish accent in an attempt to eradicate his broad Staffs vowels.

As a student somewhere in the deepest corners of the South West he can be found perfecting his disguise by singing 'Danny Boy' whilst quaffing the cheapest rot gut cider he can afford on his student loan.

When approached about this disguise he tried to hide his true reasons for donning such a proposterous garb by claiming he'd been invited to a party and was told to come as him self. Unfortunatley, he claims, the ink had run on his invitation and the S was missing off Self leaving Elf.

When this failed to appease his inquisitor he then claimed he was taking part in a student remake of Mel Brooks classic 'Robin Hood, men in tights'.

You have been warned this is the the future face of British birding. One day he may even sit at the hallowed table of the BBRC!

With unreserved apologies to my Irish mates Paul & Mark!

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