10 Dec 2008

Another unfortunate disguise.

With the pickings in the UK being a bit lean at the moment certain members of the Cheshire birding scene are taking the oppurtunity to broaden their horizons. This is quite right as how else would you be able to recognise that rare vagrant if you haven't taken the oppurtunity to travel and see them in their own environment? As a seasoned traveller I know how to find my way around a business class lounge and dress so as not to offend the local sensibilities. Its also important to try and blend into the environment and not to draw attention to yourself - especially when sporting expensive optics.

It was with this in mind I advised 'Groucho' Payne on his recent trip to add Corsican Nuthatch to his Western Palearctic list. Unfortunately his lack of geographical awareness meant he thought he was going to Sicily and dressed accordingly................................................

Rumour has it that our friend Paddy O'Poynton (see yesterdays posting) has been seen running around Bristol in his Leprachaun disguise baring part of his anatomy trying to prove he is a hariy arsed birder, in the mould of our hero Pod, whilst singing 'Blue Moon'. A good choice of song considering the current freezing conditions. A distraught local woman forwarded the photo below taken as he tried to nick her tights off her washing line as he'd laddered his stuffing to many socks down them.

Meanwhile Podster himself is still awaiting the men in white coats after he was sent over the edge on reaching the milestone of 500 species in the UK & Ireland and then realising he'd have to do it all over again to reach the only acceptable total of BOU only. He has spent so much time in Ireland this year he's beginning to look like Father Ted.

Please, please let me have something to write about before I lose the plot as well..................

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