5 Oct 2008

Leach's season

Its that time of year again when strong N W winds blow Leach's Petrels into the mouth of the Mersey and everyone with a pair of binouclars lines the coast from the bus shelter at New Brighton to the bus shelter at Meols hoping to glimpse one of the storm driven waifs.

A text whilst on Shetland informed me of the first bird - the same N W gales that prevented us getting to either Fair Ilse or Foula signalled the arrival of the first Leach's past Red Rocks.

Luckily birds were still appearing when we arrived back and I set off for New Brghton before first light Thursday morning managing to see two exiting the mouth of the Mersey as dawn broke. The winds had dropped considerably by Friday afternoon and a two hour sea watch with Als' Conlin & Orton resulted in only one bird zig zagging up close to the sea wall at the Gunsites. The only other birds seen were a distant Little Gull and a Red-throated Diver.
A Saturday seawatch in a brisk S S Westerly resulted in absolutely zilch apart from a couple of Great-crested Grebes. The rocks below Wallasey Coast Guards held a good flock of Turnstone and a single Sanderling. Next stop the marine lake where, although no Med Gulls were present, plenty of Redshanks and Turnstone roosted on the pier. Before returning home there was just time to check through the large Starling flock just in case...........................

More locally I spent time at both Rivacre Valley and Stanney Woods. Both were equally as quiet bird wise but the local inbreds have been vandalising the signs, dog poo bins (Yes really!) and smashing bottles everywhere. The rangers do a good job but they can't keep up with the mindless morons who think the epitomy of being hard is setting a match to a poo bin or smashing a bottle to impress their mates and equally retarded girlfriends. The carrier bags littered around the sites indicate BARGAIN BOOZE as the main source of their illicit alcohol. Perhaps there is a case for forcilble sterilisation to prevent them spawning more social inadequates. Rant over.

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