8 Aug 2008

Stop press: President of Wirral Sea Watching Association kidnapped.

El Presidente and skipper of the good ship 'Miss Molly' was allegedly kidnapped last night and forced to leave the Wirral and watch as a White-winged Black Tern gracefully flew over the dog turds at Crosby Marine Park. The perpetrator of this heinious crime turned up at the victims house in a white Landrover on the pretence of helping move a filing cabinet. El Presidente went quietly and was later returned unharmed. He left a clue that he hadn't gone of his own free will by not taking his binocualrs. Investigators are treating it as a case of 'twitch and run'.

Mean while another founder member of the society, Cabin Boy Kenny, rumoured to be deported from Cornwall last weekend, could be found incarcerated at Fort Perch last night in the hope the above tern would show itself from the right side of the Mersey.

His deportation occured whislt apparantly suffered from a mild form of tourettes syndrome brought about by eating a dodgy pasty, consuming to many pints of guinness and suffering from over exposure to the combined effects of chum and sun. He was on a fact finding mission to investigate claims of ultra rare Petrels off the Scillys. His illness manifested itself in the form of yelling 'slut' to anything wearing a short skirt! This didn't enamour him to the accompanying kilt wearing Scot.

On another note a new song is about to take the birding World by storm. Sung to the tune of 'Ten Green Bottles' it goes along the lines of:

Ten Green Sandpipers reported on No. 1, ten Greensandpipers reported on No. 1
If one Green Sandpiper should accidently fly there will be nine Green Sandpipers reported on No.1.

All members of the WSWA and sister society the GOA will be singing this with gusto in a force 5 on the Scillonian III Sunday.

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