28 Aug 2008

More dodgy ducks than Hornsea Mere.

Yet more dodgy ducks have turned up in Cheshire whilst I was in Sweden on business. Yet more 'Ruddy' Shelducks! Cheshire has more dodgy ducks now than the infamous Yorkshire mere in the title..........the one that has 'annual' Redheads that no one else sees.

Anyway, some people say they're Ruddy Shelduck and some say they are hybrids. Time for a quick look me thinks. A quick trip down to Winterley Pool near Crewe was in order. Time for the old two bird theory. Actually its the two pair theory. Groucho took tomorrows sandwiches and threw them out to the motley collection of ducks that appeared from the nearby overhanging trees and it was instantly apparant there were two 'pairs' of 'Ruddy Shelduck'. One pair a definite hybrid pair shown below:

These were 40 -50 % bulkier than the other pair that looked as if they could be 'purer'. These were much more wary and didn't come as close as the bulkier pair. However, close examination of the photo shows the tips of the primarys have been neatly snipped!

About the only pure bred bird we saw here was a Kingfisher.

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