18 Feb 2019

Short-eared Owls, Parkgate

I spent a few hours at Parkgate yesterday afternoon, raptor watching, as one does on a bright winters day. What a treat! An adult male Hen Harrier put on a show along with a sub-adult male and a ring-tailed Harrier. Several Marsh Harriers were also present and wherever you looked there seemed to be great White Egrets.

A female Sparrow Hawk and a single Peregrine also put in an appearance and the air was filled with the calls of Pink-footed geese that moved about the marsh in small parties.

Star birds though were the three (possibly four) Short-eared owls that appeared as it was getting dusk and put on a show for the assembled birders - at one point I even managed to photograph one of them with an unfortunate Short-tailed Field Vole that was destined to be reincarnated a a regurgitated pellet.

What a great way to pend a few hours!

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