6 Nov 2017

Local patch birding.

With a large influx of Hawfinches currently taking place in the UK and other places in Cheshire having multiple sightings I spent a lot of time overt he last weekend out and about searching and listening for one of these steroid enhanced chaffinches. Seemingly they don't exist in my part of Cheshire. We have a yew tree covered in berries, supposedly one of their favourite foods,  in the garden and a hundred metres down the lane there is a massive one attracting flocks of feasting Blackbirds. Zilch. Nothing.

However I did get a new patch and garden tick with 4 Whooper Swans flying south. Given that we can see Moel Famau and must be in a direct line with the Dee Estuary and have Pinkfeet flying over daily it wasn't really a surprise but they were still nice to see.

Another unexpected garden visitor was a Moorhen strutting across the back lawn. We can see them in the pond opposite the house but this is the first time one has visited the garden.

After torrential rain the weather cleared Sunday afternoon and with a number of Redwing buzzing around I decided to stick a mist net up in the garden and sure enough I caught a single Redwing. I think  I would have had more if it wasn't for bonfire night and a children firework party starting in the neighbours garden. Next time I'll also re-position the net and spread a few more windfall apples around.

This was a young bird of the Scandinavian  iliacus race.

See here for a comparison between the Icelandic & Scandinavian races during my recent time on Fair Isle.

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