13 Nov 2017

A garden surprise.

I've been trying for more Redwings over the last week or so without much success - mainly due to the weather.  I've caught 2 more in between the hail storms and heavy rain.

A few hours Sunday afternoon resulted in one Redwing and this young male Blackbird. The Blackbird is a calendar year bird and has moulted all its greater coverts and one of its primary coverts. There's loads feeding on hawthorn berries in our hedges at the moment but all the berries are right at the top so the birds aren't coming low enough for mist netting. They've been joined by 2 Mistle Thrushes as well. It was easy to see what the Blackbird had been eating s it promptly regurgitated two hawthorn berries as I had it in the hand.

Despite not being successful with the Redwings I still managed 20 + birds with 4 Goldfinches, 2 Greenfinches and 4 Long-tailed Tits in the total. If the weather had been better and I'd put the nets in a different place rather than sited for Redwing I think I'd have easily had 100+ birds.

We spent Saturday morning ringing at Barry's and caught a nice female Blackcap!

With over 130 birds ringed between 07.00 and 12.00 it was a busy morning.

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