8 May 2017

The pond that keeps on giving.

When we bought this house in September last year I had no idea that the pond we can see across the fields from an upstairs window would be so attractive to birds! I'd hoped for a wader or two but this spring has so far exceeded my limited expectations. I'd hoped for a Green Sandpiper or possibly a Redshank but last week we had a Ruff (see previous post) and this weekend was the turn of a Little-ringed Plover that spent a few hours around the pond margins before sunset.

Interestingly the Ruff and the Ringed-plover have turned up after lunch which means getting any decent phone-scoped shots is impossible as I'm looking into the sun. I check the pond every morning to see if anything has dropped in over night but afternoons seem to be the best.

With spending the whole weekend working in the garden I logged an impressive list of 45 species which is the highest total count for the year so far. These included the L R P and my first Swift of the year and both Lesser and Common Whitethroats in the front garden.

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