14 May 2017

Shore Lark, Hilbre

I was intending to get up and join Steve on Hilbre this morning but a number of maintenance issues made me decide to stay home. Oiling oak doors is a messy business and  I had rubber gloves on so when the message tone on the phone kept going I ignored it. Luckily Steve is persistent and its only when  I recognised the ring tone devoted to Hilbre regulars that I realised it was something good! It was. The Islands first twitchable Shore Lark.

With my Landrover off the road for its rebuild I had to rely on Al H for a lift and he met me at West Kirby Marine Lake for the journey across to the Island where Steve and Colin were doing a sterling job of preventing people from flushing it. I'm glad to say that the public seemed to appreciate and acknowledge their explanation and didn't walk down to the north end and flush it.

A quick turn round before the tide flooded and I was home finishing my chores.
A great day and a well deserved find for Steve who puts in serious effort on the Island

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