1 Jul 2016


Its that time of year when my attention turns to ringing Swallows on  local farm - all thanks to Barry B for gaining me permission. They've seemingly had a good year this year after a late start. I've missed ringing na few broods because they were to big to ring and I'd risk them exploding prematurely fro the nest if I'd tried. We've had the added bonus of finding a couple of House Sparrows nests and a Robin!

There are plenty of House Sparrows on the farm and we are discussing a potential project involving putting up nest boxes for them over the winter.At the moment they seem to be taking over some of the Swallows nests and unfortunately these can't take the weight of the heavier birds and the piles of grass and straw they fill the nests with.

 House Sparrow pullus.

 Swallows nests with young.
 Young Robins at 2-3 days old.
Young Robin ringed a week later!

The Robins nest was unusual as they'd nested in an old tit box where the front had perished and was hanging off!

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