7 Jul 2016


The SCAN and SEGUL teams went back to Puffin Island recently for the annual Cormorant ringing trip. We ringed a sample of 200 Cormorant chicks with 50 of those being colour ringed (green rings with a 3 letter code). They're not the cutest of chicks and have pretty disgusting habits, being sick and squirting guano all over you doesn't make them endearing.

Its quite amusing how the adults try to brighten up the nests with garlands of fresh vegetation including flowers- it does nothing to hide the smell though.

As well as the Cormorants we spent the day ringing a few more Shag pullus and any more Razorbills we could find before spending a few hours ringing young Guillemots. We managed to catch and ring a few adult Guillemots as well as re-trapping some birds already ringed in previous years. One of the new adults was this beautiful 'bridled' form that Fed had the pleasure of ringing.

They really do look like they're wearing spectacles. Maybe, like the rest of us, they have to start wearing reading glasses with age!

With our pick-up boat being delayed for an hour we had time to relax on the beach and wash off the worst of the grime in the sea before heading for Beaumaris after another long but successful day with the added bonus of a few fresh mackerel courtesy of the ships crew. Another great day but very tiring and after getting up at 05.00 I didn't get home until 20.30. Showered, changed, tea, beer and then bed!

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