15 May 2016

Nightingale & Nightjar

What a brilliant day last Thursday was! Firstly I'd dropped my car off at a local garage in Mold and was walking back to the office when I heard a Nightingale singing in some scrub between the road and the local sewage works. I didn't realise at the time but it was a first for Flintshire and quite a few people managed to hear it up until dusk - I don't think anyone actually saw it despite a number of people trying to tape lure it closer. There was absolutely no need for doing this and it's becoming a common problem. People don't have the patience to wait quietly for birds to start singing by themselves and playing a recording back is only going to cause the bird undue stress. Numpties! 

Whilst still on a bit of a high over the Nightingale Steve texted me to say he and Col had found a Nightjar on Hilbre - only the 3rd record and the first for 40+ years. Not having a car was a bit of a problem but luckily Kenny Mac & Al H had 'twitched' the Nightingale from Shotton and offered me a lift. Making my excuses I quickly left the office and we arrived on Hilbre to find a small crowd of Obs members viewing the Nightjar which was roosting in a small silver birch adjacent to the Obs southern most boundary fence. Stunning! 

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