20 May 2016

Nest boxes

It's the time of year where garden ringing takes a bit of a back seat as all the wintering birds have now dispersed to their breeding grounds. Attention turns to ringing pullus (chicks) either in open nests or boxes. It'll soon be Puffin Island season as well where we'll hopefully be ringing lots of auk, cormorant, shag & gull chicks. In the meantime there's boxes of blue & great tits, house sparrows & robins to concentrate on. As stated in a previous post my local boxes are having mixed success this year but there have been some successful nests!

 Nest box predated by Great-Spotted Woodpecker
 Blue Tit pullus @ 2 days old.
Great Tit nest - beautifully lined with cow hair.

I have an endorsement to my ringing licence to ring young birds in the nest and monitor the boxes as part of the BTO's nest record scheme.

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