15 Mar 2016

Details of Siskin control

Received this today from HQ.

Dear Phil
Here are the details of a ringed bird you have reported.
Species:Siskin (Carduelis spinus)Scheme:GBTRing no:V017769
Ringing details
Age: 3J Sex: - Sex meth: - P.ringed: 0 P.alive: 0 Condition: -
Colour marks added: - Metal marks added: N Act1: A Act2: -
Ringing date: 29-Jul-2013 14:30:00
Reg code: PEE Place code: PEE Site name: PeeblesScottish Borders, UK
County code: GBSBO Grid ref: NT2540 Accuracy 0 Co-ords: 55deg 39min N 3deg 11min W Accuracy 0
Hab1: F2 Hab2: --
Biometrics: Wing: 71 mm. Weight: 12.5 g. Time: 14:30:00hrs
Ringer: Borders R.G., 9153

Finding details
Ring not Verified Age: 6 Sex: F Sex meth: -
Colour marks added: - Metal marks added: - Act1: - Act2: -
Finding date: 08-Mar-2016 08:35:00
Reg code: - Place code: BACCRO Site name: Backford CrossCheshire, UK
County code: GBCHE Grid ref: SJ3873 Accuracy 0 Co-ords: 53deg 15min N 2deg 56min W Accuracy 0
Hab1: F2 Hab2: --
Biometrics: Wing: 72 mm. Weight: 12 g. Time: 08:35:00hrs
Finding condition: 8:20 Movement: -
Controlled Intentionally Taken
Remarks: -
Duration: 953 days Distance: 268 km Direction: 177deg (S)
Finder: P S Woollen, 3093

Nice to have details of this control through so quickly and it fits a general pattern.

I've also had notification that one of the birds I ringed on 27th Feb was caught in a garden 5 km away the next day!"

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