8 Mar 2016

Controlled Siskin

The garden Siskin flock is diminishing as birds start moving north to their breeding grounds. I've managed to catch a few more including my first control (a bird ringed by another ringer elsewhere!). I aged and sexed the bird as an adult female based on tail shape and the fact all the wing coverts were of the same generation.

Interestingly this bird was quite grey around the face. it will be interesting to see where and when she was ringed when I get feedback from the BTO.

I also caught a male Chaffinch in the same session wit ha wing length suggesting it to may be soon migrating north as Scandinavian birds are generally larger than our resident ones.

Male chaffinches are beautiful birds close up and the grey head is a result of the brown tips of the crown feathers wearing off rather than the bird undergoing a pre-breeding moult.

This bird was aged as a 2nd calendar year male and you can see the pointed and worn tail feathers and browner retained juvenile tertials in the photos above.

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