7 Sep 2015

Red-backed Shrike and some interesting ringing

The weekend started well with our first autumn ringing session in Barry's garden. I managed a few hours before leaving for work and at the end of the session an amazing 114 birds had been processed. A large number were Blue & Great Tits but there was a good number of Coal Tits and a smattering of other species to keep us occupied.

As well as the birds Barry had his moth trap operational and the haul included this Poplar Hawkmoth that happily posed on my fingers whilst it vibrated its wings to warm up.

I was out Friday evening when Steve rang to say Al Conlin had found a juvenile Red-backed Shrike at Meols so that had to wait until Mark Payne picked me up Saturday morning. Just as we'd finished a large fried breakfast I received a call asking if I could help with the final CES of the year run by Steve & Rachel at Maltraeth. Keen to see the site and perhaps get to see a few more acrcocephalus warblers than I normally see I agreed so Sunday saw me awake at 3.30 am to set off in the dark to Anglesey.

Although most of the acro's seemed to have departed we did catch a few Sedge & Reed Warblers as well as a selection of other warblers including two juvenile Lesser Whitethroats and a cracking juvenile Cetti's!

It was also nice to see a few Reed  Buntings around - all juveniles and showing the characteristic pointy tails of juvenile birds.
Back home by 13.00 I showered, changed and promptly fell asleep in the conservatory!

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