30 Sep 2015


A few weeks ago we had a good passage of Dunlin on the Wirral and driving across to Hilbre as the tide ebbed enabled me to get some good shots of a few as they fed completely unconcerned by the presence of the Landrover. It was good to see some juveniles among the adults and interesting to see the different stages of moult some birds were in. Some of the adult birds were still in a lot of their summer finery and others were nearly completing their moult.
 Juvenile Dunlin
 Juvenile Dunlin
 Adult Dunlin  - almost in full summer plumage still
 Juvenile Dunlin
 Adult Dunlin
Not a Dunlin! Juvenile Ringed Plover.
Most of the Dunlin looked like the S Scandinavian & western European race schinzii which ties in nicely with the Dunlin we caught in N Wales with SCAN a few weeks ago. I'm off to Shetland for a week now so hopefully will see some good birds & get some photos. 

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