5 Feb 2015

Laughing Gull - back for seconds!

Although happy to have seen the bird when it was first found on Tuesday I was a bit disappointed not to have had it on the pontoon and get some decent shots. Wit ha couple of hours before I needed to be at a meeting I went back to New Brighton this morning. I am so glad I did!

After spending about 40 minutes looking along the groyne from Fort Perch where the bird was seen Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon I walked up to join the other dozen or so hardy souls waiting further along by the pontoon. Chatting away to John Tubb I glanced through my binoculars back towards the groyne I picked out the Laughing Gull. Borrowing John's scope to make sure. Bingo! It was still here.

The gull was disappearing in and out of the groyne but at least it was here. My first call was to Chris who I'd promised to let know if it showed up. I also rang Liam Langley who was on his way from Oxford.

With the tide flooding the bird was moving further up the beach but then seemingly vanished into the groyne again. Walking back towards the Fort I was hoping to pick it up if it flew out the Merseyside of the groyne so we'd know where it was. No sign so I walked back to the Wirral side of the fort. It appeared again and for the next 30 minutes performed well as it paraded up and down the beach.

Chris and Liam both arrived and as Chris &  I were chatting the bird suddenly flew over our heads towards the Mersey. Everyone in our group headed that way but as I stood chatting to Chris it appeared back on the pontoon providing the photo opportunities I wanted.

With Snow Buntings just down the road and a supporting cast of Purple Sandpipers and a couple of Mediterranean Gulls at new Brighton this is the area to be in currently.


Sarah said...

My comment isn't directly related to this post, but I've just stumbled on your site and I wanted to say thank you for your wonderful blog! I've just moved to Hoylake from Perth, Australia. I love birds, but these are obviously different ones than I am used to, and your site will be a great help in familiarising myself with my new local birds. Lovely photos, too!

Phil Woollen. said...

Welcome to the UK Sarah. My daughter married an Aussie and lives in Albury NSW along with our grandaughter.