3 Feb 2015

Larus atricilla? You're having a laugh!

During dull moments of retrospection on Hilbre it is our want to start discussing what birds are obviously missing from our county lists that should be there........Laughing Gull always crops up as there's never been a twitchable one. To get a phone call from Steve whilst I was at a meeting in N Wales saying there was one showing extremely well on the pontoon floating on New Brighton marine Lake was, however, the last thing  I expected.

As soon as I decently could I headed off towards New Brighton but unfortunately the bird flew 10 minutes before I arrived! Meeting up with a few Hilbre regulars and other familiar faces we split up looking for the missing larid. Unfortunately I didn't have my 'scope with me although I'd done slightly better than Frank as at least I had binoculars and a camera.

After an hour searching the marine lake area I headed off in the Landrover to check the 'dips' where gulls often congregate. Nothing! Deciding to head back to the marine lake for one last look I got a call from Frank saying it had been relocated out on the breakwater by the lighthouse. Although distant we had good views thanks to Dave & John who let us hijack their 'scopes.

Hopefully it'll stick around for others to see over the next few days.

All that's missing now is a Franklins.

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