17 Dec 2014

WeBs weekend

A trip to Hilbre was in order Sunday to undertake the regular WeBs count. High tides were early morning and mid afternoon so the count was done at low tide. The weather started off being beautifully sunny with a fantastic sunrise behind me as I drove across to the island.
 Above: looking south east at low level back towards West Kirby Marine lake.
 Below: Rear view mirror shot

Below: the view ahead of me towards Hilbre.
 Below: looking back from the west side of Hilbre.
Apart from the few resident species there were no passerines around and very little on the sea! As the tide began to flood parties of Common Scoter were seen but only single Great-crested grebes & Red-throated Divers. Still, it was nice to be out and I took the opportunity of taking a couple of photos from the top of the air raid shelter and at the north end.

Below: looking north(ish) towards the Buoy Masters store with the newton heli trap by the stone wall

Below: Looking back towards the obs wit the Landrover parked on the drive.
 Below: Newton heligoland trap.
Below: the old lifeboat station bathed in early morning sunlight and reflecting a warm glow off the sandstone.
I lit the old wood burning stove in the Obs and left the windows open to air the place and provide somewhere warm to sit with a mug of tea and reflect on yet another year nearly over......

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