9 Oct 2014

Day 5 Shetland. Ruby, ruby ,ruby

Man flu! The worst kind. It's laid me low and the inclement weather doesn't help. Still I managed to get out & about with the first stop being a second look at the Siberian Rubythroat that had gone missing and not reliably reported from its original garden yesterday. Al C & Steve W had come up from Cheshire for it but locally it was relocated in another garden about 400 m away late Saturday afternoon. 

The bird showed a lot better today and was doing a circuit of the garden and frequently appearing on the drive. 

A search if the areas around Hoswick & Channerwick resulted in finding 2 Barred Warblers and an elusive Bluethroat. Whilst I returned to the apartment Chris & Al Orton took a drive to nearby Tingwall to see if they could see the Paalid Harrier. Not a sign but they did jam in on an Arctic Redpoll.

After cooking a roast lamb dinner for the lads I retired to bed at 8.30 pm. Even a couple of Bowmore malts didn't help the man flu.

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