9 Oct 2014

Day 3 Shetland 2014 . Lucious luscinia

Gale force winds and driving rain kept me awake most of the night and we were in no hurry to go out until the weather improved. Deciding to search out some sheltered areas we headed to Voe and searched the plantation and gardens. An elusive Barred Warbler and another couple of Yellow-Browed Warblers were the sole fruits of our toils so we retired to the bakery and bought them out of pies and cakes. It was interesting to speak to the owner who told us the bakery was started a hundred years ago to supply the Royal Navy during the 1st World War. Apparently there is a big celebration next year when the navy are sending up a couple of ships to Voe. The exact date the bakery was started is not known as it was 'classified' information and the documents destroyed.

Kergord plantation was to windy and although we searched extensively we didn't find anything more than another Yellow-Browed Warbler. Although Sean dis point out some interesting fungi growing on rotting wood. Candle Snuff fungus is so called as it leaves a black residue behind when you touch it - just like a snuffed out candle.

Deciding to find a less windy spot we headed to the east side of the island stopping to search for a Little Bunting at Eswick. We found the Little Bunting in a potato crop full of Brambling and Skylarks. Then it happened! I was showing Mark how to age 1st winter male Blackbirds amongst the many that had dropped in to a nearby croft when Al yelled that Dan had found a Siberian Rubythroat at Levenwick. This was a major find and although I'd seen one on Shetland a few years ago none of the other lads had. This is still a near mythical Sibe vagrant and a Shetland speciality. 

Typically skulking it took a few hours before we all had satisfactory views and Chris even managed a photograph. Having seen one I stood away from the front of the massed ranks and stood on an empty 25 litre pail I'd found in the corner of a field to view over peoples heads.

See below:
Obviously a few beers were had in Lerwick in the evening to celebrate! 

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