12 Feb 2014

Slavonian Grebe, Llay pool

When I heard about this bird yesterday I assumed it was Gresford Flash but luckily a friend soon put me right and I managed to find the pool on the map - even closer to my office in Mold than Gresford Flash.

If there was an improvement in the weather  I resolved to go over during my lunch break today and try to get some photographs. There was & I did. It wasn't as close as last years bird at Astbury Mere in Cheshire but it was still nice to see. A great find by Duncan Halpin. Looks like there was a Pink-footed Goose in with the Greylag's as well although it was distant & I didn't have the scope.

If you go take your wellies and watch out for the flooded road!


Paul Foster said...

Nice images Phill.Cant wait to see these birds when I go to Iceland in May!!

Kev Smith said...

Glad you got it Phil. Llay pool is a handy stop off en route to and from work, especially in April/May. Nice pics.

Kev Smith said...

Glad you found the place and got the Slav. Cracking little pool, and a handy place for a quick visit en route to my work in Mold. Good for wader passage in Spring. Just wish I had found the bird!

Phil Woollen. said...

Cheers Kev & Paul. I've seen breeding Slavs when I worked in Finland and also in Scotland. We had a breeding plumaged bird in Cheshire last year but it was always to distant to photograph.

What kind of waders have turned up?