13 Feb 2014

Back for 2nds - Slav Grebe, LLay

With much better weather today it would have been rude not to pay another visit to see the Slavonian Grebe currently residing on Llay pool just a few miles from the office. The only downside of today's trip was an old biddy driving a white Nissan Micra hurtled through the flooded section of road at warp speed and thoroughly soaked me! Still, I persevered and was rewarded with much better views than yesterday.

 It was catching and eating some kind of larvae and washing the mud off before swallowing.

                                                           Just look at those lobed feet|!

Photo below shows close up of larvae in the grebes beak. I'm not sure what they are but assume some kind of beetle.

Also present were a nice pair of juvenile Mute Swans one of which was sporting a green colour ring on the left leg.


Duncan Halpin said...

Same thing happened to me on Tuesday. There I was happily enjoying the bird only to turn round when I heard a car coming and be greeted by a wall of water. Luckily, the loudly uttered expletives didn't scare the bird away.

Phil Woollen. said...

The old dear came back the other way with an even older friend in the passenger seat. I can imagine them saying come on 'Ethel lets have some fun splashing these birder types'

Adam Jones said...

Superb shots of the Slav Grebe.

Phil Woollen. said...

Cheers Adam.