24 Jan 2014

Seconds on the Buff-bellied Pipit

I managed another look at Burton Marshes most famous current resident recently - the Buff-bellied Pipit!
Sitting in the Landrover I spotted the bird fairly quickly and waited for the bird to come to me rather than chasing it up and down the fence line as a couple of others seemed to be doing. There is no need to clamber down the bank and follow it up and down,. Be patient and it will come to you.

A cracking little bird that looks as if its moulted its largest tertial (T3).

Its a strange looking bird and not as buff as others I've seen over the years. It was nice to catch up with Eddie & Kenny D there as well. The lads are on a roll at the moment - they found an adult Iceland Gull on the Gowy tip last weekend to compliment the juvenile I found between Christmas & New year.

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