27 Jan 2014


We had a ringing session at Barry's a few weeks ago and I'd forgotten about the photo's I'd taken of the Redwing we'd caught. They really are beautiful little birds & a species I haven't ringed very often!
   Scott & John in the shed of dreams
This was the first time we'd caught Redwings in Barry's garden and we managed an adult and a 1st year bird. 1st year birds are identified by the white tips to the tertials that ca nbe clearly seen in this photo below.
The shape of the tail feathers is also a giveaway.

Adults don't have these white tips and check out the tail feathers.

With a good variety of species and a 105 birds caught it was good experience for Scott  and kept us busy. Amongst the other interesting birds was this Dunnock. Dunnock & interesting in the same sentence?
This one was as it is the only one I can remember showing a very clear distinction between the retained juvenile greater coverts and the new adult type following its post juvenile moult.

All in all another great session and many thanks to Barry for the use of his shed and providing the tea.


Findlay Wilde said...

These are great pictures to learn from. It really helps for aging the birds the next time round when you get them again. From Findlay

Phil Woollen. said...

Thanks Findlay. They are beautiful birds.