21 May 2012

Cream-crackered but up for a Courser

After our hectic trip to Norfolk I was in bed for 21.30 so didn't hear the Vodaphone SMS message from RBA or the call from Stokesy telling me about a Cream-coloured Courser in nearby Herefordshire.

I woke up this morning, showered, dressed, made a cup of tea, put the porridge on and checked the phone. F*CK!!!!! Cream-coloured Courser in Herefordshire at Bradnor Hill. The stuff dreams are made of. I've missed two in the UK through either work commitments or lack of cash (Scilly's 2004 and Essex in 1984). It didn't take long for me to make a decision that I was going. Now. Actually I went to the office first, sorted my emails out and left by 08.20 with the promise I'd be back by lunchtime. With a trip to Sweden looming later this week today was realistically the only day I could go.

On any other day the trip cross country from N Wales to Hereford on a glorious sunny day would make the heart sing with joy. Today it was punctuated by curses as every beaten up farm Landrover belched along in front trailing black smoke at 30 mph or every articulated lorry seemingly waited for me to be almost upon them before pulling out. Knights of the road? Think again. Most of them don't care and think as they're bigger you'll give way. Consequently it was a rather stressful trip fuelled by the nagging thought that when the golfers got out the bird might get flushed and fly off as a trip of Dotterel did in the same location.......................................

As it happened I needn't have worried. The bird showed superbly well, although a bit distant when I got there for really good photo's, and was unconcerned by the golf balls bouncing within feet of it. What a stunning bird and a real candidate for the best looking bird I've ever seen in the UK. What a change to have a mega rarity so close to home as opposed to having to travel hours by plane, boat and car. Another mega grip back.

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