29 May 2012

Another mega grip back.

It's 08.26 on a beautiful sunny morning and my head is still reeling with the joys of Cuckoo's and Yellowhammers after last nights foray into the deepest depths of Cheshire when the SMS from RBA breaks the pleasant dream.
Mega. Cleveland ORPHEAN WARBLER Hartlepool Headland trapped + ringed + will be released at bowling green c8.45.

Fc*k. Another mega in a week!

Surely this won't be seen again I thought sipping my coffee as the first of many calls from mates offering / wanting lifts came through. Chill I thought to myself. No chance of this being relocated. Then I remembered.........White-throated Robin. Almost exactly a year ago in the same place and the same circumstances. Trapped, ringed and released in the bowling green. More expletives. I'd better go.

A few calls later & I was on my way to pick up Groucho, Robbo and Ian. News had already come through that the bird was still showing when we left and continued to come through every 40 minutes or so until we arrived  on site to find the rest of our mates already there. The Cheshire A team move quickly. A quick peek through Ash's scope and there it was sitting forlornly in a privet bush fluffed up and not moving much.

After about an hour it perked up and went for a bit of a fly round at which point I struck lucky with the camera and managed a few record shots as it dived from the privet bush into a rose bush.

Not the best pictures in the world but given the views of the bird skulking in the bushes for much of the time this was the best I could do. Another mega unblocked.


Podster said...

Great shots Phil, views the 'A' star twitcher from Upper Comberbach never got.

Phil Woollen. said...

Couldn't beleive it when John turned up without bins and left after a few seconds!