5 Apr 2012

The wet Rook

For several weeks now I've been noticing the local Rooks mooching around the industrial estate where I work collecting nesting material or feeding on the grass verges. Occasionally they even perch on the lamp post outside my office window looking glum like this one in the pouring rain. Could there ever be a glummer looking Rook? It looks really pissed off.

I'd also noticed that they seem unperturbed by passing cars and carried on mooching around along the grass verge as long as no one walked past. So, using stellar fieldcraft, unlike numpties who flush Black Grouse, I loaded the camera in the car and parked on the road!

Luckily the rain stopped and the sun came out briefly transforming a bedraggled black 'crow' into quite a handsome looking bird albeit with a face only its mother could love.

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