12 Apr 2012

Thayer's Gull.........or not?

An interesting looking juvenile gull showing many of the features of Thayer's Gull was found last week loafing around on fields in the wilds of north Lincolnshire. An interesting bird and Thayer's Gull is currently treated as a separate species by some authorities (and some not so authoritative!) but it isn't yet on the British list.

The birds been giving a few people the run around and wasn't seen at all over the Easter weekend after giving itself up to the masses on Good Friday. With decorating in full swing I couldn't go that day so played it cool and shrugged my shoulders when there was no sign over the preceding three days. Oh well. There'll be another.......................................Then it showed up again Tuesday having obviously gone away for its Easter Hols somewhere. Decisions, decisions.

Luckily the decision was made for me when Fred texted and asked if anyone wanted a lift. Setting off before news we were relieved to hear the bird was still there. Then if flew. Then it came back.
As we arrived in the general area we saw a few cars parked along a lane and people watching intently through 'scopes. Surmising this was where the bird was currently residing we did a quick 360 round the next roundabout and back up the dual carriageway, took a right and casually parked the car and strolled across the lane to view the top of a head hidden in a dip!

Eventually the bird, obviously exhausted after its epic flight from the pacific coast of N America, deigned to stand and give us prolonged views before deciding to stretch its wings and fly off with all the other gulls in the field. What suddenly makes gulls decide to do that?

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