5 Jan 2012

Bean Geese.

Amazing numbers of Whitefronts and Pinkfeet at the RSPB's new Cheshire flagship reserve at Burton Mere Wetlands or the Teutonic BMW for short. Wirral birders have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of Bean Geese with so many small dispersed parties being discovered throughout the UK recently. Sure enough two Tundra Beans were found Monday by Colin Wells but just to late for me to get there before dark. Luckily they were relocated Tuesday and I managed to slip across just before dusk to meet up with Colin, Paul Brady and A N Other to see them feeding on winter wheat. Nice to see Al C & Mr T also present - not much tempts them away from the N Wirral coast these days!

After not being able / willing to travel for the elusive one seen near Crewe just before Christmas this was a welcome 'grip back' for the County list. There was a possible Taiga Bean at Inner Marsh Farm in 2003 (I think) but there was quite a bit of debate over its identification.

No pics I'm afraid but this is a small group I saw a few years ago at Whitemoor Hayes, Staffs.


Eric Houghton said...

Hi Phil,

Have not yet visited BMW yet. Do you need a scope (which I don't currently have)for this site or will just bins suffice ?


Phil Woollen. said...

A scope is preferrable but you'll still see lots without one and it would be well worth a visit. There's normally an RSPB staff member on duty in the reception building with a scope!

Eric Houghton said...

Cheers Phil, will put in on my places to visit this year along with Hilbre.